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Retail Accounting Software – Your Business Lifeline

Published: 29th Aug 17

Categories: Money, Success, Taxes

Accounting software isn't just for accounts. Today's accounting software can be connected to lots of…

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The Pros and Cons Of A Cloud-Based POS System

Published: 31st Jul 17

Categories: Customer Service, Money, Success

If you are considering making the switch to a cloud-based POS system - don't rush…

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A Necessary Evil For All Business Owners?

Published: 23rd Jun 17

Categories: Money, Success, Taxes

Whilst financial management is at the heart of a business’s success, many business owners make…

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The Key Numbers To Look At In Your Business

Published: 29th May 17

Categories: Money, Success, Taxes

As a small business owner, plotting the way forward can often seem like a maze…

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Card Payments: The Facts

Published: 27th Apr 17

Categories: Customer Service, Money

Customers will typically spend 10-30% more in shops that take cards than they will in…

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A Guide To Making Tax Digital

Published: 1st Apr 17

Category: Taxes

Making Tax Digital is part of the government’s push to make it easier for individuals…

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Why The VAT Flat Rate Scheme Is No Longer Beneficial For Many SMEs

Published: 1st Mar 17

Categories: Money, Taxes

From 1st April 2017, the UK government has announced it will be removing the Flat…

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Top Tips To Win Over Customers

Published: 1st Feb 17

Categories: Customer Service, Money, Success

We all know that happy, regular customers are key to retail success. So, we thought…

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What is the most tax efficient method to take cash out of a business?

Published: 1st Jan 17

Categories: Money, Taxes

It’s a question that’s very often on the lips of our clients and it’s certainly…

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Virgate Accounts can help your business to grow by reducing costly overheads and financial friction. We perform the management of your accounts within 10 days of the month/quarter-end, compared to 4-6 weeks with an in-house account team with limited resources. We offer weekly payment runs for clarity and weekly reports every Monday so that you can view the performance of each of your sites. As experts in multi-site hospitality and retail businesses, we really do speak your language and offer complete transparency throughout.

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