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Top Tips To Win Over Customers

Published: 1st Feb 17

Categories: Customer Service, Money, Success

Top Tips To Win Over Customers

Top Tips To Win Over Customers

We all know that happy, regular customers are key to retail success.  So, we thought we’d share some tips to win over customers and make your business a place people want to be.

Top Tip #1:  Give Treats and Incentives

If you’d like a strong social media network and lots of customer email addresses, don’t hesitate to resort to bribery: it works. Offer discounts or a free gift in exchange for customers following you and signing up to your mailing list.

Give small surprise gifts to customers once their sale has been rung through. Make it a type of gift they wouldn’t expect because scientific tests show that when a reward feels random, it results in higher levels of interest. The lack of ‘strings’ will also be appreciated.

If you have a new product, let customers see how good it is by giving them a free sample.

Top Tip #2:  Be Accessible 

People need to know where to find you, so make sure you get your free business listing on Google Maps.

If a potential customer is looking at your website from their mobile, encourage them to get in touch immediately by giving them an option to call you directly from the page.

Top Tip #3:  Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

If it’s not, why not?  Make sure that your business is set up to take mobile payments? VISA’s digital payments survey revealed that mobile payments in Europe tripled from 18% to 54% between 2015 and 2016.

Top Tip #5:  Be Attractive 

Think of your shop window as the biggest free advertisement you’ll ever get. If you don’t do something eye-catching and appealing with the space, you won’t get the passing trade.

Top Tip #6:  The Golden Rule 

Always be nice –  it’s often easier to keep existing customers happy than it is to bring new ones in. You may not like a person’s attitude, but you’ll appreciate their cash when they eventually hand it over.

And don’t forget, when you constantly win over customers, you’ll need someone to help you take care of the money those happy customers spend. If you want the security and freedom that retail experts expert and a trusted accountancy service provides, contact Virgate Accounts.


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