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Online Accounting by Industry

Manage your business finances on the go with real time reporting and your own team of financial experts. Using the latest finance software and technology, we help our clients to manage multiple revenue streams and identify areas of overspend. The Virgate team is built up of experienced accounting professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

We understand that each sector comes with its own set of unique inventory and monetary aspects that requires acute attention. The key is in the detail. Virgate ensure that all data correctly flows in a way that makes sense for your sector which will aid you to successfully evaluate the performance in order to make the best decisions for your business.


& Retail / E-commerce

A fast-paced environment with stocks and sales changing by the minute, retail and hospitality thrives on its ever-changing nature where numbers need specialist attention. Consumer buying trends can change overnight and keeping on top of the curve is essential to ensure you’re ahead of the competition. You can rely on Virgate to take away the stress of staying  up-to-date with your finances, and free up your time to focus on your business goals for the future.


Leisure & Hotels

Whether you facilitate a single site or have a number of hubs across the hotel industry, the accommodation business relies upon ongoing occupancy. For business or pleasure, a smooth financial system is key to the day to day running of operations. Virgate provide reports and updates for each of your sites, as well as comparison charts to assess your development. Our portfolio stretches from family-run hotel chains to serviced apartments, top-branded quality hotels and bed and breakfast houses to gyms and children’s play areas, we understand your needs from top to bottom.


Breweries & Manufacturing

A business that has been booming over the last few years with bespoke breweries pouring in new ideas for beers, it’s an industry that is going from strength to strength with success stories bubbling across the UK.  Our specialist team takes care of the stock numbers and costs, while you take care of the craft of making the product. Virgate also collaborate with other manufacturers such as food and drink, as well as independent homeware businesses that are looking for a finance team that will fit around you.


Professional Services

By 2020, the UK’s biggest service industries in terms of the number of businesses was the professional, scientific and technical sector – accounting for 15% of the UK’s businesses. Whether you run an agency, large consulting firm or something in between, staying on top of your business’s finances is key to its success. Virgate’s team of experts partner with businesses like these across the UK, working to drive business growth and maximise company profits.