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The Pros and Cons Of A Cloud-Based POS System

Published: 31st Jul 17

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The Pros and Cons Of A Cloud-Based POS System

The Pros and Cons Of A Cloud-Based POS System

For many retail businesses, their point of sale (POS) system represents the heart of their business’s front line.

It is the technology they need to count on daily, so naturally usability and reliability are two huge factors. While the cloud offers some compelling benefits, it still has many shop owners to win over in terms of taking a leap of faith to a new POS system.

So, for those who may be considering making the switch, here are the pros and cons of cloud-based POS:

The Pros

Made for mobile

Cloud-based POS systems in the modern day mean access to sales reporting in real time, wherever you have an internet connection – it’s all possible through a smartphone or tablet. That’s why a cloud-based system might suit business owners who can’t always be on-site.

Reasonable pricing

It is possible to use POS systems on the cloud for rates which won’t break the bank, and monthly fees available under the £40 mark mean that they are no longer the preserve of large chains.

Cut additional costs

If you are currently paying overheads for maintenance, upgrades or software licensing attached to your traditional POS system, you might be seduced by the opportunity to negate these costs which a cloud-based system offers.

The Cons

Cancellation fees

Timing might be the determining factor in your decision over a POS system. If your traditional system will incur a fee for mid-contract cancellation, it could make sense to hold on until you switch.

Counting on your connection

If your business’s internet connection has a history of being shaky, you may want to review your internet service provider before switching your POS system to the cloud. Remember, you will be relying on a stable connection for the entire time you are operational.

Less chance to customise

Typically, purchasing a traditional software-based POS system gives you more opportunities to customise a solution based around your specific needs. The prescribed nature of a web-based service might not suit your business, depending on your requirements.

These are just three pros and cons of a cloud-based POS system. Remember, never rush into a decision, and seek out reviews from customers of any cloud-based systems.


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