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Top 9 reasons you should outsource accountancy services

Published: 17th Dec 18

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Top 9 reasons you should outsource accountancy services

Top 9 reasons you should outsource accountancy services

Large companies, by their very nature, require lots of time and manpower to maintain and update their financial records. Consequently, they often face time and cost constraints, which may limit their profitability. The cost of employing finance experts to handle complex tasks, such as filing tax returns, may drive the company into the ground. In fact, it may even be impossible to tell whether the company is growing if proper financial services are not available. Outsourcing accounting services becomes a viable option in such circumstances. Here are the top nine reasons to outsource accounting services for your company.

Saves time and money

Outsourcing accounting services saves the challenge of having to hire and train employees, as well as purchase the necessary tools and equipment for creating and maintaining financial records. It saves the cost of purchasing accounting software, hardware and office supplies because they will be the responsibility of the third party accounting service providers.

Expert accounting services

Your business, however big it is, may not be in a financial position to hire and sustain financial experts on a full-time basis. What’s more, you may not get such professionals even if you do have the necessary wherewithal because they may not be available. Outsourcing grants you access to expert accounting services when you need them.

Ease tax problems

Filing the correct tax returns in time can be quite daunting, especially for the uninitiated. Your accounting department may not possess the necessary expertise to handle such delicate and complex financial matters, and your company may plunge into a financial crisis under the weight of hefty penalties from the taxman. To avoid such problems, get the services of outsourced accounting.

Access to financial data anytime, anywhere

Outsourced accounting service providers have the benefit of well-established infrastructure such as cloud computing. By using their services, you will also have access to such infrastructure and will be able to store your financial records safely on a cloud so you can access them at any time and from anywhere.

Keep financial records in order

You will be at peace if you know the exact financial position of your business. However, you will need to be sure of the accuracy of the financial reports, which may be a tough call for your local finance department. Outsourced financial services guarantee accurate reports as one of their main selling points.

Help scale your business

Accurate financial records mean you can make informed decisions about the progress of your business. They can help you cut back on human resources while at the same time increasing production. The scope covered by the outsourced accounting service providers will shed light on which departments or sections in your company may be redundant so that you can weed them out.

The benefit of automation

You need to join the go-green bandwagon; that is, if you haven’t already done so. Outsourcing financial services reduces the amount of paperwork – and paper – used in your organisation, since everything is in the hands of the third party. All you get are results in soft copy, hence no paperwork – unless you need it. The implication here is that you will need fewer people and fewer books to manage your financial records.

Privacy and confidentiality

The possibility of a rogue employee with access to the company’s financial records messing with confidential data is never as remote as you think. It is more difficult to deal with insiders leaking private information than outsiders trying to hack into your system. Outsourcing financial services reduces the number of people privy to sensitive financial data, boosting privacy and confidentiality in the company.

Timely payroll management

One of the things that frustrates employees the most is delayed disbursement of their remuneration. Your internal financial department may be too overwhelmed to prepare the payroll on time. Third party accounting service providers work with strict timelines and have the necessary software and hardware to make sure your payroll is ready on time.

If you want to upscale the productivity of your business and reduce costs, you need to consider outsourcing accounting services. At Virgate Accounts, we have a team of highly specialised financial experts to manage your financial tasks fully.


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